Himachal law reporter (fortnightly)

Arni University (Establishment and Regulation) Act, 2009

Arni University (Establishment and Regulation) Act, 2009

3Bye-Laws of Solang Ropeway-cum-Ski Centre, Ski Himalayas Ropeway Pvt. Ltd, an SPV of a Power Himalayas Ltd., at Solang Nallah of Tehsil Manali, Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh bye-laws, 2010

Eternal University (Establishment and Regulation) Act, 2008

Himachal Pradesh e-Stamping Rules, 2011

Himachal Pradesh Forensic Document and Finger Print Examiner (Private Practitioners) Regulatory Rules, 2017

Himachal Pradesh Forest Produce Transit (Land Routes) Rules, 2013

Himachal Pradesh Lokayukta Rules, 2017

Himachal Pradesh Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council Rules, 2007

Himachal Pradesh Minor Minerals (Concession) and Minerals (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Transportation and Storage) Rules, 2015

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